Customers don't care about five-nines reliability; they care about five-nines customer service.

Abridged version of my longer article "DevOps is more about customer feedback and quick learning than Culture/Process/Tools":
Your customers don't really care if you are a DevOps shop/factory; they care about how your products add value to their lives. Common misconceptions about DevOps:  #1: We are a team of developers doing operations - we are DevOps! 
#2: We are a Dev team continually deploying to production - we are DevOps!
#3: We are a team of Ops wrtiing code - we are DevOps!

Customer-focused software engineers - the missing piece of the DevOps puzzle:  
#1: They are intrapranuers
#2: They don't indulge in mindless tasks
#3: They strive to get customer feedback quickly
DevOps Patterns - from a customer's perspective:  #1: Uptime is overrated. Customers don't care about five-nines reliability; they care about five-nines customer service.
#2: Velocity is overrated; customer feedback is underrated. Your customers don't care about how many times a day you ship; they care about how quickly you can listen to them and learn from the feedback.  #3: With the democratization of Operations - everyone is Ops & everyone is a Dev. Ops is moving up the Stack; dev is moving down the Stack.  #4: DevOps is table stakes. The strategic differentiator will be how obsessed you are with your customers (both internal and external) DevOps Anti-Patterns #1: I want my software developers to focus on writing features; I don't want them to be doing low-level work like responding to alerts, running incidents, etc. So, let me insert 3 layers in between

#2: I don't want to waste my software developers' time by having them focus on failed tests. I don't want them to do dealing with failed deployments. Heck, I don't want them to be dealing with deployments at all. Let me hire a team that will do the build, test, deploy, rollback, etc. 

Are you really DevOps? 

Full article: "DevOps" is more about Customer Feedback and Quick Learning than Culture/Process/Tools


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