Difference between Junior and Senior Engineers/Managers/Leaders

Qualities of junior engineers/managers/leaders or just about anyone in general:  1. Struggle with brevity; struggle with coming to the point.  2. Use hyperbole to get their point across.  3. Complain about not being invited to that important meeting. 4. Jump to broadcasting a problem w/o thinking through consequences-- just to be the first one.  5. Worry more about looking smart. 6. Only state problems. 7. Love status quo or don't know how to get out.  8. Have a myopic view. Don't understand the root cause; don't ensure production defects remain fixed.   How to become senior?   1. Come straight to the point; provide details later (or, if asked).  2. Avoid hyperbole like "single-handed", "must read" (may be OK in some cultures). 3. Ask that you are invited. Simple. Don't complain; act. Be a leader.   4. Think through the problem; craft your message, and only then deliver.  5. Worry less about looking smart; put more energy into learning.  6. It's OK to state problems; be sure to also propose plans to solve them.  7. Develop a mindset where status quo will drive you nuts.  8. Have a long-term view of everything; think big picture.  Good news is with some strategic personal investments like a mindset shift & some coaching - anyone can become senior.  Good luck!


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