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My (personal) definition of "DevOps" quoted in an article on Forbes.

Happy to see my (personal) definition of "DevOps" quoted in a recent article on Forbes . The slide is from my talk at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in SF (2017). "Kishore Jalleda, Sr. Director of Production Engineering at Yahoo, describes DevOps best in this slide" 

Want to Solve Over-Monitoring and Alert Fatigue? Create the Right Incentives!

Note   — I have been giving talks around the world on this topic (SREcon, Velocity, etc). Figured, I can reach more people through an article. Any/all feedback is highly appreciated! "Research has shown that 72%–99% of ECG monitor alarms are false or clinically insignificant." Quite a staggering number and quite scary given that lives are at stake. If you have ever been to an ICU, you cannot help but notice the telemetry monitors and their constant beeping (they are such a common sight). In fact, I had the first-hand experience with these monitors in the NICU where my twin boys were being cared for after being born prematurely. I still remember vividly how my wife and I used to freak out every time one of these started to go off. Being an ops guy, I could not help but relate this to being paged while on call. Because I was curious, I did a bit of a research on this topic and found that some Ph.D. students had actually published a paper on this topic in 2013. It

Customers don't care about five-nines reliability; they care about five-nines customer service.

Abridged version of my longer article "DevOps is more about customer feedback and quick learning than Culture/Process/Tools": Your customers don't really care if you are a DevOps shop/factory; they care about how your products add value to their lives. Common misconceptions about DevOps:  #1: We are a team of developers doing operations - we are DevOps!  #2: We are a Dev team continually deploying to production - we are DevOps! #3: We are a team of Ops wrtiing code - we are DevOps! Customer-focused software engineers - the missing piece of the DevOps puzzle:   #1: They are intrapranuers #2: They don't indulge in mindless tasks #3: They strive to get customer feedback quickly DevOps Patterns - from a customer's perspective:  #1: Uptime is overrated. Customers don't care about five-nines reliability; they care about five-nines customer service. #2: Velocity is overrated; customer feedback is underrated. Your customers don't care about h