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What no one tells you about getting promoted!

Here's an MVP of an article that I don't want to wait any longer to ship. Would love feedback, so I can ship the real s*** :) ***What no one tells you about getting promoted*** Everyone wants to grow; growth seems to be at the core of all human needs. Growth usually means a promo. Unfortunately, promos are not based on how well you do on an aptitude test; there are no such tests in real life. So, what does it take? Rule#1: If you want to get promoted, you must ask for it first. Do not (for Jeebus' sake) assume that your manager has your career planned out for you. If there is someone responsible for your career, it's you; no one else. Rule #2: Deep understanding of how decisions are made in real life; (Office) Politics, after all, is about those unspoken rules. A big part of this is getting feedback from your critics. Rule #3: Always do the right thing; have a strong work ethic/integrity. You never know how and when good karma will come back for you. Next time