Common pitfalls to avoid in tech (or elsewhere)

Leadership Not being mindful/present is detrimental to your team's performance. You must silence your inner voices to be present. Checking your phone during meetings(all the time)? You should probably find a different job/role.
People Management  Empathy is really hard to teach; you'd be better off hiring for it. Senior managers have empathy/compassion; junior managers don't.
Product Development  It is dangerous to idiot-proof yourself; it will slow you down. Be brave; ship an MVP. 
Project Management  Don't show up a week before the deadline and ask for an extension. Raise flags early; raise them often. 
Capacity Management Don't raise a flag now that you will run out of capacity in 2 weeks; raise it 6-8 months in advance. 
Postmortems  Never, ever make an assumption that people will stop being stupid in the future. Put in systemic fixes. 
Onboarding  (Tech) Boot camps are overrated; context is underrated. Context is everything during onboarding. The faster you can get most of it, the sooner you can add value. 
Production Outages   Don't bother to apologize when you wake someone up at 3 am. The person doesn't really care about your apology; he/she cares about you coming straight to the point. Good luck! 


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