My talk at O'Reilly Velocity got a 5-Star Rating

Feels great to be back from a tech conference (was in London last month speaking at #VelocityConf) and finding out that my talk got a 5-star rating (well, 4.65 to be precise, but O'Reilly rounded that to a five - I'll take that). Sorry, couldn't help but share this with you all.   As always, great support from Yahoo! Inc.; thanks, Yahoo! 
Below is some feedback: 
"Great great great session" 
"Awesome talk. One of the most valuable I attended during the conference" 
"Excellent presentation used his experience as an example but then extracted the lessons from that into a useful set of guidelines that could be applied elsewhere" 
"Excellent awesome." 
"Very interesting and engaging. An impressive way of managing a difficult situation. Lots of good tips to take away." 
I am happy; I am pleased! 


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