Leading a transformational change at scale? Follow these ten rules!

Want to lead a successful transformational change at scale? Follow these simple rules (abridged version of one of my recent talks) Rule #1:
Find your allies. They don’t come to you, you must find them and explain your vision and get feedback & alignment.
Rule #2:
Have a strong vision; rally people around your vision. Communicate your vision widely.  Rule #3:
Make sure your boss is aligned with you. Emphasize what a dramatic change you are making. Get alignment. Rule #4:
Not just your boss, but get alignment with your boss’s bosses and all the way up Rule #5:
Leverage outages. Ask thought-provoking questions; stir emotions; provoke action. Don't be a jerk though.  Rule #6: 
If you are serious about transformational changes at scale, half-assed approaches won’t work. You have to be willing to take a stand Rule #7:
Don't miss the boat. Most go/no-go decisions usually come down to a meeting (or two). Make sure you are prepared. Drive alignment prior to the meeting; not during (or after)  Rule #8:
Start small. All (small) wins must go viral; start a movement. Rule #9:
Learn to say no. It’s not enough for you [the leader] to say no. Your whole team must be willing and empowered to say no.  Rule #10:
Remain calm under pressure and during tense moments 


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