Leadership: first 30-90 days of inheriting a mess

You are a leader; you got that dream job or given more responsibilities. The problem is you are inheriting (a bit of) a mess; you are inheriting (a bit of) a dysfunctional org. Follow these rules to have a greater chance of success in your new role: Rule #1: 
Don't make any major decisions for a while (1-3 months). You will be so tempted to act; don't. Have your boss remind you this constantly. Rule #2:
Don't talk about your successes, strategies & wins from previous roles/jobs. Just don't. You are going to come across very poorly. You are already the boss; you already have the job. There is nothing left to prove. Rule #3:
Build credibility by being on the front lines. Be on call for a product; use the product; listen to customer feedback; sit in on CS calls. Rule #4:
Listen more; question less. Never ask why the f*** is something done a certain way (yes, I know, things will drive you nuts; be patient). Rule #5:
Be empathetic to the needs of the team. Don't take shortcuts; take time to understand the culture. Remember: it's less about you; it's more about the team. It's about learning. You will also have a ton of people who want to meet you and campaign their ideas. Listen; but don't fall for anything, just yet. Always be calm; be mindful/present. Look at the big picture. Good luck!

P.S. The HBR article below inspired me to share my own experience.


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